FreeJump Soft'Up Pro

FreeJump Soft'Up Pro

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The SOFT'UP PRO is praised amongst the World's Top Riders.

SOFT'UP PRO is a single branch stirrups which combines performance, comfort, safety and simplicity. Its patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan® helps to free the foot in case of a fall. The nonskid wide elastomer floor, the ABS shell, the high resistance spring steel monobranch guarantee a better riding experience.

The SOFT'UP Pro is available in red, blue, black, vanilla, chocolate, pink, green and orange.

Proudly made in France

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The Soft'Up Pro PREMIUM EDITION incorporates the same safety and comfort benefits as the Soft'Up Pro, but in a classic Silver/Black or Silver/Gold colour combination. This ergnomically designed, single branch stirrup iron helps prevent the foot from being caught-up in the case of a fall. The wide, non-skid tread offers optimal comfort, safety and security.