Struck Apparel

Struck Apparel

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You train hard, and fall harder. Sometimes you ride to win, and sometimes you ride to learn. It's not just a sport, it's a passion.
Whether you ride one horse a day or ten, Struck breeches are designed to meet athlete's needs, and help you deliver your best performance every ride.

Riding is a Sport. Dress Like It. ™

The Struck 50 Series Women's schooling breeches feature a unique GripTech knee patch that uses technology inspired by the gripping ability of geckos. The GripTech increases friction against the saddle, so that the tighter you grip, the stronger it holds.

The new 60 Series breech is designed for unparalleled comfort, movement, and style. Their mid rise gives you a perfect athletic fit. (Start at $289.95 - $319.95)

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NOTE- Sizes 22 are suitable for KIDS

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